SALEO promotes education in Supply Chain Management by networking the companies, individuals, organizations, and users in the Arizona-Mexico region and by providing volunteer support to educational institutions, the community, and workforce development organizations. Through our meetings, we provide opportunities for students, new hires, lifers, transplants, and professionals to network, discuss best practices, and learn about various activities associated with goods movements all along the supply chain.

SALEO is also actively involved in Supply Chain Management education in partnership with the community colleges across the border region of southern Arizona. SALEO members participate in curriculum development, provide guest speakers, and recruit adjunct instructors for the certificate and degree programs. One example was the federally funded Innovation Frontier Arizona (IFA) which used the xxx Grant to Evelyn Help needed here.

SALEO has helped the following colleges to develop and enhance their Supply Chain Management education for certificates and associate degrees. Cochise CollegeArizona Western College, and Pima Community College.

SALEO helps sponsor and participates in the annual “Key to Employment for the 21st Century” event. Volunteers engage approximately 600 high school students and their teachers in discussions regarding careers in Supply Chain Management and have designed a SCM Brochure and handout to help explain future employment opportunities.


SALEO contributes its earnings from the annual scholarship tournament and sponsorship to scholarships and to support local non-profit organizations.  The board of directors decides how much will go to scholarships after the operating costs are accounted for. Some organizations and events we have supported in the past are:

  • Mobile Meals of Tucson (a nonprofit meal provider for special diet clients).
  • Community Food Bank
  • Key to Employment for the 21st Century

Please click below to see last year’s flyer and more information regarding sponsorship opportunities. If you wish to get more information from our tournament committee on sponsorship and how you can promote your company or organization at our scholarship tournament please send an e-mail with your contact information to

Applying for Scholarship

Completed applications for scholarships must be postmarked no earlier than April 15th and no later than September 15th. Scholarship certificates are presented to the winners at the banquet following the annual scholarship tournament in the Fall and monies are deposited with the Office of Financial Assistance at the college or university the recipient attends in time for the spring or following fall semester. If you have any questions after reviewing the scholarship application please send an email to

Scholarship applications that meet all scholarship application requirements are given to the SALEO Scholarship Committee. Scholarships recipients are selected by the SALEO Scholarship Committee. They are then reviewed and approved by the SALEO Board of Directors and awarded at the Scholarship Golf Tournament.