SALEO holds and/or attends events quarterly.

At SALEO meeting attendees have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the logistics industry from the Arizona-Mexico region. Topics differ for each meeting and offer attendees the opportunity to learn about best practices and logistics related activities and projects. Past guest speakers have included subject matter experts and industry leaders with expertise in logistics, supply chain management, and transportation. Past keynote speakers have covered security initiatives, border and customs issues, regional transportation plans, solutions and modalities, and more.

SALEO also participates in events which focus on education, workforce development, and industry development growth.  This is done by gaining and sharing knowledge from organizations with direct involvement in day to day logistics activities between service providers and users in the region.

Annually SALEO holds a Scholarship Tournament.  This event brings the transportation and logistics industry together to raise funds for scholarships and tuition support. Individuals pursuing a post-secondary degree, or professional certificate are rewarded at the Scholarship luncheon.