Community Support


SALEO gives back to the community and region with hundreds of volunteer hours of service including:

  • Networking with industry professionals and students at educational meetings and events where subject matter experts present on various related topics
  • Volunteer visit to colleges, career fairs, workforce meetings to expose students and educators to the logistics and supply chain management industry and elevate the awareness of the important role this plays in our economy
  • Participate in fundraising efforts for scholarships and tuition support for post-secondary students studying in the field of logistics, transportation, and supply chain management


SALEO also gives back in the form of scholarships and donations to regional non-profit organizations:


Funding for SALEO student scholarships comes from private donations and the annual fundraiser scholarship tournament

SALEO is a tax exempt non-profit 501 (c)(3) run by  volunteers from the Southern Arizona region.

You may also email us, or call us direct at 520.428.7251