SALEO's Mission

SALEO's mission is to educate, promote and grow the transportation and logistics industry by networking the logistics service providers and users in the Arizona-Mexico region.

The history of SALEO

SALEO was born from the need to heighten awareness and spotlight the importance of the transportation and logistics industry and especially the role that this industry plays in the region's supply chain as a catalyst for economic development. As a volunteer organization, SALEO has helped with curriculum development for supply chain management studies which has been adopted by Pima Community College, Cochise College, and Arizona Western and has been articulated into advanced degrees at Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona South. We hold monthly meetings where logistics professionals network, share best practices, and learn from expert presentations on various logistics topics. SALEO's objectives support regional economic development by working with the chambers and various economic development entities which can be found in the "Partnerships" page of our website. Our volunteer efforts help support and market the logistics service providers in the Arizona-Mexico region to advance and improve the efficiency of goods movements. SALEO also plays an advisory role with regional planning agencies in transportation planning and infrastructure development and serves as chair of the logistics subcommittee for Innovation Frontier Arizona (IFA), a collaboration between Pima, Cochise, Santa Cruz and Yuma counties on logistics education and workforce development.

SALEO Steering Committee

Emily Cline

Acting - President
Vice President
Board Member


  • 10 years staffing Manufacturing and Logistics positions
  • Small business consultant in the following areas: Operations, Human Resources, Intuit Accounting Software

Sally Crum

Board Member
Raytheon Missile Systems - Retired


  • 31 years experience in Transportation, Logistics and Traffic/Distribution Management

Nils Urman

Board Member


Evelyn Wright



  • 4 years Logistics Workforce Development
  • 23 years in Workforce Development

Alfred Altuna

V.P. Public Relations
Past President


  • 45 Years experience in Rail Marketing & Sales, Rail Line Planning
  • Domestic and International Market Development
  • Intermodal Sales & Market Development
  • Regional Freight Planning

Mina Goldberg

Publicity Chair


  • US diplomat in England, Germany, Israel, Brazil, and New Zealand
  • 14 years as editor, researcher and translator from Portuguese

Alex Raptis

Scholarship Committee Chair


  • 31 years experience in U.S. Customs Management & Transportation

Juan Carlos Seldner

Steering Committee - Founding Board Member


  • 10 Years Logistics Experience
  • Bi-national (US/MX), Educated in the U.S. and Understands U.S. and Mexican business practices

Stefan Baumann

Board Member


Mark Gutierrez

Steering Committee - Founding Board Member
Scholarship Committee Member


  • 21 Years Third Party Logistics (3PL) Experience in Ocean, Air, Customs Services, Freight-Forwarding, TL, LTL, IMDL, US-Mexico

Hector Valenzuela

Board Member


  • 37 Years experience International Trade - US-Mexico-Canada

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